How secure is your board meeting really?

These companies include much information that attackers dream of taking possession of. That is why every kilobyte of data needs to be protected in a large corporation. This also applies to information that is discussed at company managers’ meetings.

Data Security Risk Analysis

Risks associated with the use and storage of data may include risks such as leakage of confidential information, loss or inaccessibility of important data, theft, use, and deliberate distortion by intruders of information that threatens the organization’s reputation.

In analyzing such risks, it is important to survey the entire landscape of company information systems where sensitive data is stored and processed, including intellectual property and personally identifiable information (for example, personal data of customers, employees, and counterparties). Applying a systematic approach, it is necessary to determine where sensitive data is located, who may be the user of such data and pick the order of access to databases and the possibility of making any changes to them.

Threat Research

Areas of the data management process that need to be analyzed to identify bottlenecks may include:

  • Distribution of access rights: checking the list of employees who have privileged access rights (for example, administrator, superuser), as well as extended access rights: do all users need this to perform their duties? Identifying whether the dismissed employees have access rights to the organization’s databases is also necessary.
  • Tools for collaboration (how secure is the exchange of data in programs and applications used by employees of the organization for communication).
  • Terms of use of information (how much is stored and in what terms obsolete data and new databases are archived).

Automated solutions can help simplify this step through robotic scanning of data repositories (stores).

Fixing vulnerabilities

After potential risks are identified and assessed, it is necessary to develop and implement measures (including planning the resources needed) to influence chances and eliminate weaknesses in the data management process.

Prospects for using board portals

Dedicated software for managers can be effective in protecting data because:

  • Each user is double authenticated. This eliminates the possibility that under the name of one person, another will enter. In addition, no one can use someone else’s login details.
  • The data is stored on external servers of the service. You do not worry about the physical safety of the servers because they are located in different parts of the world, and the information there is reliably protected from physical abrasion.
  • All data is encrypted. Manager software developers use the same encryption keys as banks. Therefore, even if, in some incredible way, an attacker steals information, he is unlikely to be able to use it.

Each company can choose the best software option for its managers, which will provide the maximum level of data protection, and comfort in use and will cost moderate money.